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hi , I need both turbos for range rover 2008 3.6 tdv8 on 2008 plate, have you got in stock or are you be able to recondition mine ,and what sort prices? regards

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* Best Turbos Team


We can recondition your units and we looking for about £430 each.
We can also fit them in the car inc full oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, feeding pipe and 24 months warranty for about £2000. The body is required to be lifted up.
What are actually the symptoms, why do you think your turbos need to be exchanged?
For more informations pleas contact 01214190058
Kindly Regards

hi, thanks for your quick reply,  The reason these need changing  is it has loss of power when on motor way above 70 m/p/h,

all sudden no power and ( engine system failure ) on board, does not happen on local road only on motorway when above 70miles,
this Sunday i went to nec in birmingham for motor show, was two miles away and car will go not  over 15 miles p/hour,
but if i stop the engine for few seconds than its start driving fine until i go over 70, any help why much appreciated ?
any other option apart from replacing turbos ?
i shown to my local  range rover specialist and been told that l/h turbo need replacing and been advice change both same time,
* Best Turbos Team
Hi. It could be few things actually.  I suspect the vnt get blocked at certain revs range and the ecu keeps going to limp mode to protect engine and turbos.
Firstly we would need to inspect the car. If you have free time come to our premises for free turbo inspection.
Then we will be able to figure out what exactly is wrong and what is the best solution.
hi, thanks for help, can you please email me your full address, i live in  north ( Huddersfield ), Actually i booked yesterday with some one else in huddersfield for tomorrow to get second opinion , if i don’t get any where tomorrow than i might drive to you on some point , it is 120 miles from me, if you was a local i can come any time,
lets see tomorrow what this guy says than i take it from there,  Did you had any body came cross to you with vents blocked problem ? i hope you don’t mind answering ?
Sorry to bother you again , one thing I forgot to mention that I bought this car 6 weeks ago and it was parked for two years before me
* Best Turbos Team
we are here to help you sir,
we never mind to answer a questions that’s why people respect us.
Anyway. This situation is a common fault to be honest.
The matter is , are the turbos still in good condition and it is possible to rescue them by VNT, turbo cleaning service.
There could be also problem with EGR valves.
The fact that car was parked up for two years significantly increase the possibility of turbo failure.
The turbo seals need to be lubricated. If Oil circulation is not regularly on, the seals simply get rubbed and worn.
If you need any further information pleas feel free to call or text or mail even to discus other opinion .
Thx and take care!

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