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Hi there,

Here we have very common problem with VW group cars.

Car goes to limp mode over 60-70 mph. When you switch it off and on again its’s relatively OK

Many mechanics wrongly diagnose it as a turbo actuator gone, actuator fault . It is totally wrong diagnostic and opinion.

Actuator is only device what controls variable geometry vanes VNT unit.

Sticky vanes many mechanics call the problem.

We had a lot of turbochargers and cars delivered with already changed turbo actuators. It is not the problem with actuator. There is the problem with turbo vanes VNT unit.

Do not waste your time changing actuator!

Turbocharger must be taken off, new vanes, bearing housing, shaft, wheels, bearings, seals applied.

Turbo must be fully balanced and calibrated with actuator to the manufacturer spec.

Very common problem BKD engine turbo fault 724930 Garret turbo

Another commonly failing turbocharger is Garret 751851 or 757858. Vnt is getting sticky and restricts vehicle performance.

This picture shows how you can damage turbocharger yourself! If you do not service your car it will get seized up and must be replaced!

To avoid this kind of situations always service your car on time! Every 6k miles or 1 year whichever comes first!

Modern VW group cars also developed problem with lack of power, engine light on, coil light on.

THat is another problem with turbocharger with vacuum actuator controlled by electric position sensor.

If you notice any problems with your turbocharger call to book your



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Check our satisfied CUSTOMERS REVIEWS

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