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Today on our workshop we having Nissan X-TRAIL from 2014 year for turbo replacement. This young car has not been serviced regularly which caused premature turbo failure.

We did inspection and find out that turbocharger is seized and engine oil is at very low level. 

Nissan XTrail 2014 turbo turbocharger problem white smoke limp mode no power best turbos

We removed covers at the bottom of the car and removed oil sump to clean it. Then we removed turbocharger and passed it to our rebuilding department.

Once we drained all the old oil from engine and replaced air and oil filters we filled it again with brand new oil.

Technical Information’s

Turbo BorgWarner BV38 54389700001 144117969R – OEM, New.

144114225R, 144115874R, 144117969R, 144118607R;

54389700000, 54389700001, 54389700007, 54389700017

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