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Hello turbo maniacs!

Last week was crazy! We was very busy working on Jaguars, Land Rovers, BMW’s but today… We have this nice Mazda 3 from 2008 with powerful 2.3 petrol engine.

Lack of Lubrication

Once again. Do you know what is most common turbocharger failure reason? Previous Owner and unsuitable lubrication. With first one you cannot do nothing, but second reason is something that is in your control. Well at least should be in your control.

Unsuitable lubrication cannot protect your turbocharger adequately. Try to run maraton with just one bottle of water. You will get hydration that is necessary to stay first few miles or hours, but what then? You still can run, but now things get uncomfortable. You are getting overheated, can’t focus on your destination, your body getting tired faster and suddenly… you quitting race breathless and hopeless.

And now different situation. After several hours driving on motorway or hard accelerating in city can heat turbocharger even up to 900 C degrees. During work time turbocharger needs to be lubricated properly and cooled down. For both of those responsible is engine OIL. It’s important to don’t exceed oil change intervals or keep you oil level too low. Old and tried oil cannot protect turbo adequately.

Seized Turbo & Snapped Shaft

Due to not adequately lubrication this turbocharger was working in really hard conditions. Turbo compressor wheel has a lot of resistance on shaft because of lack of lubrication. This was caused that shaft get broke while trying to turn seized compressor wheel.

Replacement & Fitting

Right, we know what was reason of turbocharger failure… let’s begin with replacing it! We had to drain the oil from engine before fitting new turbocharger. Then can replace air filter, oil filter and clean all the feed pipes. We need to check feed pipes properly to make sure that any dirt or burned oil didn’t left inside and block the drain.

Once new turbocharger is fitted we are filling engine with brand new oil. Last step is to take car for a test drive to make sure that work has been done properly and car is running correctly.

Turbocharger Info

This turbocharger will fit also:

  • Mazda 3 2.3L MZR DISI DISI EU 2005
  • Mazda 6 MZR DISI DISI EU 2005
  • Mazda CX-7 MZR DISI DISI EU 2005

Part number:

53047109901; K0422-882; L3M713700C; L3M713700D

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