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Here at Best Turbos in Birmingham West Midlands we specialize in turbochargers reconditioning and replacement services for:

  • Land Rover Discovery tdv6 2.7, tdv6 3.0, tdv8 3.6
  • Land Rover Freelander
  • Land Rover Defender
  • Range Rover Sport tdv6 2.7
  • Range Rover Sport tdv8 3.6
  • Range Rover Vogue tdv8 3.6
  • Range Rover Evoque
  • Jaguar 2.7 tdv6, 3.0 tdv6

Years of experience allow us to quickly, faultlessly diagnose, repair, recondition and solve the turbo related problems.

We are able to re-manufacture and replace turbochargers for Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover Sport/Vogue within 3 working days, where dealer and other specialists allocate at least 2 weeks!land rover turbo problem solution whithe smoke no power range rover sport blown turbos discovery recondtionig fitting birmingham west midlands slepcialists uk

We have developed very unique method and techniques to service turbochargers without any problems with wirings, suspension, brakes, electrics etc, what can appear when the body/shell is off a can guarantee you will never experience any suspension, abs, brakes and other problems after turbo replacement!fault

When we recondition turbochargers, we only use OEM parts, thus we are able to provide you 2 years our responsibility for turbochargers and fitting service!


Every single turbocharger is balanced up to 250000 rpm on balancing machine, new actuators and VNT units are applied.

Latest calibration equipment allow us to set and calibrate actuators to the manufacturer specifications.Land Rover Range Rover 3.6 TDV8 TurboCharger Turbo

Before turbochargers are replaced, the reason of fault is investigated and eliminated. Without this crucial procedure, new turbochargers would fail in very short period. Full service must be done as well!service

Every single gasket is replaced, to eliminate risk of any further exhaust pressure leaks, what significantly decrease performance of turbo and vehicle.gasket

We do not issue vehicle until WE ARE 100% SATISFIED with job conducted!Satisfaction-Guarantee

If you suspect any problems with your turbocharger call to book your



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Check our satisfied CUSTOMERS REVIEWS

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Line:  0121 23 801 61 or 0121 41 900 58
Mobile: 07734443832                                                                                                               E-mail:

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Best Turbos™ – Professional Turbochargers Reconditioning and Replacement Centre in West Midlands

Unit 8, 56 Dudley Road
East Tividale
Birmingham Oldbury,
West Midlands B69 3HJ

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