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Today on our workshop we have this nice young BMW 520d from 2014 for turbocharger replacement. We did inspection and everything was looking good from outside. When we dismount turbocharger we found out that shaft has snapped into two pieces. This is very common fault in this turbochargers.

BMW 520d F10
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Every minute without a turbocharger, you lose 60 seconds joy…

Stefan Kolberg

Stronger Shaft

Because we care about quality of our products while rebuilding turbocharger we replace shaft for stronger and harder one to prevent this fault in future. 

BMW 520d 2014 Turbocharger inside engine


Turbocharger needs friendly environment to reach the best performance. As a part of every fitting service we drained old oil from engine and replaced it with brand new. Also air filter and oil filter must be replaced for new ones. All of this services must be done to provide the best environment for turbocharger.

Technical Informations

Part Number/s

  1. 49335-00584
  2. 49335-00583
  3. 49335-00582
  4. 49335-00581
  5. 49335-00580
  6. 49335-00561
  7. 49335-00560
  8. 49335-00512/11/10

Comparison Number/s

  1. 11658519477
  2. 11658512465
  3. 11658506721
  4. 11658515188
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