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bmw 320d turbo recon new turbo Hi there,

Here we have an example of bmw 320d turbocharger fault. The excessive turbo rotor play and bearings damage has been reasoned by lack of service, poor quality of oil.
Turbocharger started to leak into hot site through variable vanes blocking them.
The turbo actuator gears had got damaged because an exceeded value of stress applied due blocked vnt.

Bmw 320d did not perform correctly. It wasn’t able to drive over 50mph. It was keep going to limp mode. When it was accelerating, black smoke was coming out from exhaust.
Best Turbos technicians removed turbocharger from bmw 320d. Having it on a worktop we found the VNT was completely damaged, over heated and blocked by carbonated oil. Electric turbo actuator was also damaged. Best Turbos Engineers rebuilt fully whole turbocharger 49135 056/57/58 applying new compressor wheel, bearing housing, shaft, bearings, seals.


Turbocharger re-manufactured by Best Turbos is covered by 24 months warranty.
After reconditioning processes completion, Best Turbos technicians fitted new turbo to bmw 320d also essentially changing an oil, oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, feed pipe.
All this procedures must be completed to keep bmw 320d turbo well cooled, lubricated and to avoid further turbo failure.

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If you noticed black, white smoke, lack of power, jerking, limp mode, whistling sound do not wait and take risk of further damages of turbocharger and engine.



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