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How are you and your turbocharged vehicles? Do you service them regularly? Be aware! One of the most common reason of turbo failure is the lack of servicing and poor quality of engine oil!


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If you want to keep your cars and their turbos in good condition, always change the oil and filters when due. Even much more often. We at Best Turbos, our personal cars, service every 6000 miles and not less frequently than once a year!

Engine oil is like a blood in human body! It is responsible for every function of the car’s engine. Oil cools and lubricates the motors components and acts against friction force what exceeds significantly life of the engine!

Oil filter is an engines kidney. Human can live with just one kidney but the engine will not last long wit one oil filter. During engines work, friction acts on metal components and produces the tear&wear waist materials. Metal filings are stored and transported by oil due oil circulation process. The filings must be adsorbed and eliminated from the oil lubrication cycle. Otherwise there would be more metal bits than lubricants in the oil system.

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Many turbo mechanics or rather pseudo mechanics downplay the purpose of an air filter application. Air filter is an extremely important  part of turbo system. It protects turbo intake against foreign objects and physical damages. It also filtrates the air what goes to engine of any pollutions and dusts. If the filter is old and blocked, the engine cannot breath freely. Can you imagine to run with the hand on your mouth?! Blocked filter also restricts the air flow what directly has an effect on forces acting in the turbocharger. The strains increase and most often lead to turbo shaft fracture.

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So, to avoid unexpected and unwanted costs of turbocharger reconditioning and fittings, the best advice is to prevent!

If you suspect your turbocharger is on its way you can increase its live by special service/ cleaning.

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