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Today we have an Audi A4 with few malfunctions, but main reason is turbocharger problem. After a long journey on motorway car goes into limp mode. Hoses and solenoid was already changed and problem was still here so we had to strip down turbocharger and take a look on it.

We plugged in error codes reader and found error code P0234.

Trouble code P0234 indicates the powertrain control module (PCM) senses a dangerously high boost pressure from the engine’s forced induction system. Levels of boost in excess of recommended levels can compromise the structural integrity of the engine.

Normally, an engine relies on the vacuum produced by the downward movement of the piston to draw the air and fuel charge into the engine. A supercharger or turbocharger is an air compressor used to increase the air and fuel charge entering the engine. This is known as “forced induction” which allows a much smaller fuel-efficient engine to create the power normally available with a much larger engine.

In most cases this means that turbocharger needs to be replaced due to sticky VNT or damaged VNT. We did our standard procedure and checked all the feed pipes for flow / splits / damages and everything was looking good.

On dashboard appear managements lights which is normal to P0234 code and must be checked and resolved. Once we stripped turbocharger down we could begin witch draining old oil from engine and filters replacement. We replaced oil filter and air filter for new ones.

Technical Informations

Part Number/s

  1. 717858-5009S
  2. 717858-9009S
  3. 717858-5008S
  4. 717858-0007
  5. 717858-0005
  6. 717858-0004
  7. 717858-0003
  8. 717858-0002

Comparison Number/s

  1. 038145702G
  2. 038145702GX
  3. 038145702GV
  4. 038145702E
  5. 038145702J
  6. 038145702N
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