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Today we have on workshop Alfa Romeo 156 1.9 turbo diesel from 2005. This car come with turbo failure for replacement and services.

As we know that replacement of turbocharger is only halfway to solve this problem we had to do inspection. Resolving reason of failure is sometimes even more important than just failure elimination.

What need to be changed?

As a part of every fitting service we must drain old oil and fill engine with brand new. Then we need to replace air filter and oil filter for new ones. This is important to make sure that freshly fitted turbocharger will be working in accurate environment.

Failure Signs

In many cases we ignore signs that turbocharger is on its way out and then we’re surprised when we had to recovery our car and pay loads od pounds to repair it. What signs are we talking about?

For example whistle sound while accelerate can be sign that turbocharger doesn’t get suitable lubrication. If your car goes into limp mode after hard acceleration then it’s means that VNT in turbocharger can be stuck or something is wrong with actuator. Blue smoke from exhaust may be signal that seals or gaskets are burning. Most “popular” issue is white smoke which can be sign of many different malfunctions but it mostly happen when oil gets into turbocharger and burn while drive. Check your exhaust tip to see if you can find oil on it. If yes – then you know what caused white smoke from exhaust!

¬†Technical Information’s

Alfa-Romeo 156 1.9 JTDM

Engine: 1.9 16V

Capacity: 1900 ccm

Power: 110 Kw – 150 HP

Part Numbers:

  • 777250-5002S
  • 777250-5001S
  • 777250-0002
  • 777250-0001
  • 760497-0002
  • 760497-0001

Comparison Numbers:

  • 55200925
  • 55205370
  • 55214063
  • 71793947

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