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Here you can leave your turbo problem question. Our Turbo Support Specialists will respond within 12 hours. Or call us directly 0121 23 801 61 Best Turbos Team turbo problem

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Check our satisfied CUSTOMERS REVIEWS

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Line:  0121 23 801 61 or 0121 41 900 58
Mobile: 07734443832                                                                                                               E-mail:

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Best Turbos™ – Professional Turbochargers Reconditioning and Replacement Centre in West Midlands

Unit 8, 56 Dudley Road
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West Midlands B69 3HJ

21 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi I have a problem with my bmw 535d it started smoking and whistle loudly.
    Do you think it could be turbo problem. Can I carry on driving?
    Please help me.
    Other firms just want rip me off without telling me what is going on with my car.

    • Hi Thomas,
      I think you are in good place. We always try to save our customers money. That’s why they recommend us.
      So you Bmw might simply need full service and professional inspection.
      Best to do is to come down to our premisses for FREE of charge turbo inspection.
      Our technicians will inspect your BMW and tell you exactly what is happening with you car.
      Then you can make appropriate decision.
      We are always happy to help and advice!
      Kindly Regards

  2. My turbo on my seat Leon fr sounds a little noisey like a whistle at like 1500rpm to about 3000rpm no loss in power what’s so ever but is this a sign of turbo going ? Thanks Maryann

    • Hi Maryann,
      It doesn’t have to be turbo failure straight away. But it is definitely concerned. Can you detect any smokes from exhaust? Best to do is to bring the car to us for free turbocharger inspection. Then we will tell you exactly what problem is.
      Kindly regards,
      -Best Turbos Team

  3. hi; i have an audi a3 1.9tdi 54 plate, the turbo has gone and the car doesn’t even start anymore. Could you kindly leave me a quote to fix it please? regards

    • Hi to specify the price of service we need to know the part number of turbo unit. Can u please call us on Monday please? 0121 419 0058

  4. Hi I have a bmw e90 318d my turbo has gone I think. there’s blue smoke when I start the engine and also a loud whistle while driving ?
    Would a 320d turbo fit on my 318d bmw e90 instead of the original 318d turbo THANKS

  5. Hi, I have a citroen c4 1.6 hdi and there is oil on the alternator and near the intercooler. I have been advised that there is some sort of turbo fault.
    My research has indicated that there is a fault with the air intake to the turbo.
    How much would it cost to remove this obstruction etc. There is white smoke from the exhaust but only in the morning. The car does not lose power and is quite powerful.

    Please advise

    • Hi,
      In this case to specify and figure aout what is exact proble we would need to see the car.
      Are you located far form Birmingham?
      Best is to come to our workshop and have it checked by our engineers.
      For more info pleas call 0121 41 900 58
      Kindly Regards
      Best Turbos Team

  6. Hi ,I’ve got a vw jetta 07 and has lost power on it . doesnt shift as it used to and smokes at times as well as smells of burning .Can you help me please as its driving me nuts goin to different garages and going no where with the problem

  7. Hi. I got wv passat 2001 r 130 hpI. I have a problem with my turbocharger. When I switched the engine and speed are small I can hear it already. while driving within the 2300 revolutions turbocharger switches off. When I turn off the engine and turn on the works. Can you tell me the cost of repair or replacement or in my car. Thank you for your replay

  8. i have a problem with my 06 tdci mondeo estate

    error :p132b stuck/sticky turbo

    reading on line it could be turbo or acualtor

    sould i replace turbo or both ? or get rid of car

    • Hi there,
      It is probobly turbo actuator problem but we would need to cinfirm.
      BEst is to come to us for free turbo inspection.
      Kindly regards

  9. I have a 2007 V8.turbo diesel and on a recent journey under hard acceleration clouds of blue/ grey smoke poured from the exhaust and the and the car lost most of its power. The RAC towed the car in and thought it probable that a turbo had gone. Does this sound like the probable cause to you and if so how much would the supply of two turbos be for this vehicle please. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Andy Davies

    • hi,
      according to your description for 99% one of your turbos has blown.
      We can help you out to sort the problem just give us call 0121 41 900 58.

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